How I got here…a brief look into my past:

My name is Tim Ritter.  I’ve become known as that “Faceless” guy who uses his body as his promotional tool.  Yes, a quirky sort of branding, but one that has worked well for me and has also enabled me to indulge in my natural tendency to enjoy mystery.  People constantly ask me what I look like, and I’ve had a lot of fun with that.  😉 

My health and well-being are at about a 9 on a 10 scale these days. 

But it certainly was not always like this.

During the summer of 2005, I made an appointment with my doctor due to some mild pain I was experiencing in various parts of my body. The discomfort was manageable at the time, but soon escalated into something I never could have imagined possible: severe and constant pain that would NOT go away.

Six doctors could only describe my condition as “chronic” and “pre-cancerous” but had no medications (after trying several) that could alleviate the condition, nor the pain that quickly became almost unbearable. I was described by them at one point as being “a medical enigma.” When one is in pain, this is the LAST thing you want to hear from doctors.

Everyone expects pain to be transient; and I never expected that something as terrible as chronic, unending pain, could ever happen to ME. And it was sticking with me, month after terrible month.

One goes through all sorts of mental tests when faced with such a condition; “What did I do to deserve this? I am such a really good person! WHY ME?!?”

I’d have given anything at all to just be able to walk again without pain. At one point I was in a wheelchair. There is SO MUCH we take for granted.

If you have never been in chronic, severe pain, I cannot begin to describe to you how not only physically traumatic it is, but how mentally destructive it becomes. It changes your life in the most profound of ways, and in ways that words simply cannot describe. There are aspects of that time period I have lost all memory of, due to the trauma I experienced. I suffered through the most horrendous stresses I never thought I could’ve possibly endured.

At one point I found myself in the position of discarding my belongings, in preparation for ending my life. I was not “suicidal.” I desperately wanted to LIVE. But the combination of unbearable pain, now coupled with panic attacks and severe depression, found me in a place that I wouldn’t ever wish on anyone. I simply could not find the options that I needed.

Being in such a state of mind and body is paradigm shifting, and completely indescribable. No words can possibly convey the feelings experienced. Attempting to describe such a thing renders a writer frustrated; words serve to almost belittle something that was a personally monumental event of devastating proportions.

One day on my way to yet another doctor’s appointment, I caught my eyes as I was looking in the rear view mirror while driving. The eyes I saw looked terrified, and as if the person was weeping even though he was not. I literally did not recognize myself. I will never forget what I saw in the mirror that day.

All I knew of those days was the minute to minute pain that took precedence over every other area of functionality in my life. Nothing distracted me from the pain. The pain was the only focus I had, and life revolved around it first and foremost, and trying to discover a way to get OUT of the pain.

In that pursuit, I lost my entire nest egg, and my hopes for owning my first home.

I nearly lost my sanity.

And my life.

Until I finally began to find some answers…

…and some RELIEF.

Although it was unquestionably the hardest thing I have ever been through in my entire life, it also produced the most incredible learning experiences that I likely could never have experienced any other way. The list is long…and stories for another time…


In this process, I discovered new health, and a new body with a very low body fat percentage that, as you can see in my videos, I’m able to maintain constantly, consistently.

My discoveries are what this offer is all about.