I have owned a Vitamix for a long time (I believe I bought my first one back in the mid-90’s) but have not used it for a while now.  The main problems I had were the difficulty in cleaning the bottom of the holding container, and clogs with the built-in spout, (which for the record, I believe they have either removed or improved upon since).

The Vitamix is a fantastic concept for a machine, and I am not here to bash it.  It’s a great piece of technology that I have used a great many times, as preferable to a juicer/extractor.  The thing is mega-powerful and strong, solid technology that will likely work and last for many years.

The big problem:


Very expensive units.

The Ninja Pulse Blender is my go-to option, that has worked fantastically for me, with super-fast clean-up, and the most powerful engine I have ever used in any juicer/blender.  See my video below for a demonstration.

It is my go-to choice for smoothies and blending.  I make several different protein shakes with it, as well as my frozen fruit smoothies which are a favorite.  Sometimes I add a little stevia, such as when I’m using frozen organic strawberries, and for other fruits like bananas, no added sweetener is ever necessary.

I have a separate auger-style juicer that I use for less fiber input and other applications.

Click on the picture below (the small Amazon picture above the video) to be taken to the best price for this awesome-awesome blender/juicer/smoothie-maker over on Amazon: