So what else is new?

Yet another new study came out with even HIGHER percentages than in the past…something like “95%-PLUS” now…of  people who go on diets, and gain the weight back within a year.

The reason for this is simple.

It’s almost as if the word itself, holds the answer:


To “Go on a Diet.”

This infers we are eating something different, temporarily, in an effort to lose weight (or other goal).

And that surely is the core reason why it does not, cannot, and will not ever work.

What I do is not “dieting.”  Although I do cycle foods, in a method I refer to as “diet cycling” (solely so that people can relate to the concept, using a word they are familiar with), I utilize these forms of eating on an on-going, constant basis.  I am never “not” eating the way I eat, and I most certainly would never define what I do as “dieting.”  I am simply eating what I would normally eat as part of the way I live my life.

Eating this way, along with my short-duration intense exercise, accomplishes the results you’ve seen for years from my public pictures and videos.  It has method and direction, but it is not extreme nor difficult for anyone to do.

…anyone who desires real and permanent CHANGE, that is.

It’s almost as if the weight loss industry on the whole has an objective to be able to repeatedly, over and over again, introduce new fads to people that get the “rah-rah energy” going as I refer to it, that excites people into opening their wallets wide for substantial expenditures as they try the latest thing, instead of actually committing to real and solid change, that sticks.  I have watched SO many people pay outrageous amounts of money (a recent friend and her mom spent over $400…EACH…to participate in a program together for ONE MONTH, and are to this day back to their heavier selves after a mere couple months of effort).  And I have even often wondered…”is THIS what people REALLY want?” 

Do people actually want this for some reason?  Is it the energy, the excitement, the new thing, or the community feeling that gets the best of them?  Something they can talk and gossip about as results come, but then gripe and complain about when the results fade?

I am convinced that THAT is exactly what is going on, a great great deal of the time.

So that mentality will not work for people interested in my way of doing things.

What I’m about is proactive and solid CHANGE, based on productive and purposeful action towards results.  I live my life this way. 

I write this hoping to get anyone reading it to see the truth of things; losing fat/weight, and getting healthy and out of pain as the case may be, requires a real commitment to wanting change.  If you want it, it is not a huge challenge.  Think about it; things you don’t want are much more difficult to obtain.  The journey is no fun, it’s all work to get there.

And although this of course does require work, it is a labor of love that produces tangible, visual, real results over time.  These results build upon themselves to a point where there is no looking back.  Because the commitment is to a way of life, not a specific and temporary result.  When a person understands and really embraces this concept, real change can’t help but finally…and permanently…just happen.