I’ve been down the shit-pit path my friend.

DEEP down that path.

On the fat side of the equation, I was always a solid 15 lbs over my ideal weight, and could never, ever…no matter what the heck I did…get my abs to show through.

It drove me up the dang wall, to put it very mildly.

I’ve also been down the ultra-low-self-esteem street.

The one where ya drink a lot, and wallow in a lot of self-pity that with just the right kind, and amount, of alcohol, can be (and just plain IS) very comforting.

And THAT is a key word:


As humans, we are VERY inclined to find comfort zones where ever we can.  I want you to THINK on this concept hard if you doubt it, or have not traveled down this line of thinking before.

It appears to be a part of human nature, and I have seen it repeated SO many times, that I have come to believe that it absolutely IS, and without much question. 

Yes, we do have our exceptions here and there.

But for the most part, people gravitate towards finding that groove that fits them, that they can feel at-home in, and that they can stay in for as long as that comfort is provided.

I have learned to thrive on a couple things that have become massive assets to me:

First and foremost, I have had a life-long drive (lots of traveling metaphors in this conversation) to learn new things.  I am very fortunate in this regard, as I discovered early on that a great many people do not share in this pursuit with me.  Far too many do not, in my sincere opinion.  We all benefit from what we can explore, learn from and share.

The other asset is an ability to FORCE myself out of my comfort zones, and to do so, accepting change, as often as I possibly can.  Engaging fear.  Breaking the routine.

If you want your body to change, and want to obtain what I have obtained, you MUST be serious about change.  You MUST be willing to take on a learning curve, so that you can explore the options available to you, and IMPLEMENT them with the intention of FORCING yourself out of comfort zones and into a life that is different from what you are doing now.

I will have tools that can help with this effort enormously, just as they have helped me.

And it is not THAT difficult, especially considering the rewards.

But this kind of thing is NOT for you IF you are not willing to make and embrace changes in your life.

This is required for ANY worthwhile pursuit in life.  They ALL require change and adjustment.

But far too often, people do not take this fundamental, self-evident fact into consideration when they want to engage their new pursuit.

I’m here to tell you that YOU HAVE TO…

…if you want to experience the change that you really want.


But a life of misery and constant deprivation and over-work to achieve it?

…Absolutely NOT.

Do you think I live MY life that way?

It is Sunday night.  A “cheat” night for me.  I’ve had my frozen yogurt tonight which I’ve opted for over the past year instead of ice cream.

And now, I’m craving a fruit smoothie something awful.  An orange and strawberry smoothie just like the one I covered in a recent video using the awesome blender I was promoting.

And this is what I am CRAVING.  I AM CRAVING IT.

I am CRAVING an option that is HEALTHIER FOR ME than the chocolate frozen yogurt or the ice cream.

This is what happens when you make changes in your life.  The results come, and the results stick, because you actually WANT to eat right not simply because “it’s the right thing to do,” but because you have programmed a new behavior and even NEW DESIRE into your psyche, and it self-perpetuates the results you’ve all seen in my videos year after year.

It can and does happen.  Hop on board!

(Love the travel metaphors, I’m getting good at this)…. 😉