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Faceless Fat Loss Today Only

Strange Dream:

Something weird happened to me this past week.

I woke up, and something…someone…some-THING…

…Told me to just give away the Faceless Fat Loss program, in its entirety…

For free.

So I am.

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My easiest-to-write blog entry ever.


Love, Happiness, Health and Peace…………Tim

Reducing Candida Guidelines:

One of the members of the FLFL community was struggling with possible candida issues, as well as contending with mold in his home, creating an environment that was giving him all sorts of ills that he was trying to manage.

His nutritionist believes he was contending with a systemic candida issue.  So I gave some thoughts below:

— On Wed, 3/6/13, Stan…

Hey Tim,
Just to summarize, can you give your daily schedule for supplements that you emailed to start with and how ling until you have seen results…..
Niacinamide….3 daily at 1500mg?
I have a TENS unit, but do not know if that can work similar to EM filtering.


I couldn’t give you dosages, it would be a it too close to giving a prescription.  The purchase of the TBD comes with consultation with nutritionists who may be able to assist with some of this and be able to legally, so keep them in mind; that’s one of the reasons I have people go there, they’re very generous to give the consultations.

EM filtering is not related to TENS units, nor the sota instrument that pulses electricity into the wrist.  See my YT video “Electrocuting my hand” or similar title for more info on that.  EM filtering involves cancelling out “dirty electricity” in the home.  I will offer that technology sometime soon, but is more of an enhancement to overall health than a protocol.

Results vary of course per person with the supplements.  What I can tell you regarding the silver again is that it is extremely powerful.  I would start with a mere one spray, working my way up one spray per day.  Some people have little to no reaction, others can herx very readily.  I hit about four sprays, then jumped up to six and had a massive herx for two days…followed by the most relief I’d felt in almost two years.

The rest of the stuff you really need to self-determine.  Our sizes/bodies are different, our toxic loads are different, etc.  With everything I simply start slow and work my way up.  You have a well-rounded group of supps below, hitting things systemically as well as in the gut where a focus needs to be.  If you are certain you are dealing with candida or other fungus, I sincerely believe you have everything you need to reduce and manage it.  As the weather improves, consider a very low fat diet and gorge yourself on your favorite fruits to tame inflammation as well.  Lowering inflammation in the body helps *everything* work better.


Frankie of The Saturdays, and Depression/Panic Attacks:

One of my favorite “fun” music groups has been The Saturdays since I discovered them during their formation. I found them having already had a huge interest in anything UK-pop, such as Atomic Kitten and Girls Aloud, groups most Americans just don’t know hardly a thing about, and miss out on some really great pop music (AND great personalities) in the process.

The personality part is more substantial than most westerners recognize. In our pop culture, there (unfortunately) seems to be a much greater focus on the superficial, than on the substance of the people themselves. With these groups, they are often involved in charities publicly, and as you may discover if you watch Chasing the Saturdays on E! (started last night, January 20), they have very endearing qualities that too often just seem absent from western fame.

I don’t know what it is, and I can’t explain how or why it is or why it happens, but you will likely notice it if you watch who these ladies are as they get their first crack at stardom here in America.

In the meantime, one of the members, Frankie Sandford, has been public about having suffered from in the past, and currently, with depression and possibly panic attacks, based on the previews for the show. The two conditions often go hand-in-hand, as they did for me for the vast majority of my life.

Hence a video on the topic.

The first part of the video footage may be difficult to watch for some viewers. I lighten it as best I can after that initial footage, focusing more on The Saturdays, while explaining what I found to be a miraculous near-cure for my depression and anxiety.

Never could I have imagined in my early years, that the whole condition seems to have been largely attributed to a pathogen and toxicity issues in my body:

New Video Covering Types of Fat on YT:

Uploaded a new video two days ago covering the white fat, versus brown and beige fat research that is going on of late.


Most of what this pertains to is the endless search for a magic-pill obesity drug, with a focus on diabetes as well.  Interesting to learn and definitely worth paying attention to, but too much can be gained from educating ourselves about food and exercise first, since it seems so few people really understand food and exercise the way they need to be understood, to incorporate into our lifestyles for much more effective and specifically longer-term results.

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace……..Tim

(Sing along): “It’s the most, won-der-FULL time of year…”

If you’re gearing up for New Year’s resolutions, I’m suggesting to people in my program that you simply hold off on weight loss efforts for the next several days, past the holiday.  FILL yourself FULL of all the holiday goodies for just a short time.  Not saying to indulge all crazy-lady/crazy dude-like, but to instead start the fat loss effort towards the end of the month, BUT BEFORE New Year’s, so that the mentality is already in place and results are starting come January 1st.

I have watched for years and years as people make resolutions to lose weight that they do not adhere to.

The reason for this is simple to understand:

It really and truly has to be about a life change.  Getting out of old patterns and addictions.  EMBRACING CHANGE.

If this mentality and mind-set is a challenge for you, my program has what I feel is the easiest way to adjust the attitude to give you strengths you may have never realized you even had.

The mental part of the effort is FAR under-appreciated, and is in fact absolutely CRUCIAL to success.

I have a built-in motivation that I realize many other people don’t necessarily have.  But any and all attitudes and thought patterns can be changed and even become a part of you…you bet they can…with just a bit of effort on your part and commitment to a new you.

It’s 12/21/12, and we’re all still here.  Just as we really knew we would be.

But for anyone with any sense of insight, we are unquestionably living in a different world than we were a mere ten years ago.  Much of this includes advancements in health that are incredibly impressive, and best yet, advances in weight and fat loss that are working for the vast majority with just some education behind the person to show them what works best for them and why.

I feel my program is part of this movement.  In fact, I know it is.  Two weeks ago I was again approached by another large supplement company asking to sponsor one of their products.  I haven’t decided yet whether or not I will.  I tell you this not to brag, but to simply impress upon you the notion that as an alternative fat loss expert, I have some unique ideas that are not found elsewhere, and enable the masses to more easily than ever lose weight and fat.

Climb aboard.

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………….Tim

Over 40 Program Pending…

I’ve worked hard on having a program tailored to the over-40 crowd for quite a while, and actually completed it a short time ago but am awaiting the finalization of some marketing tie-ups that are out of my hands, and in the control of third parties.

I have experimented a great great deal with diet change-ups over the years, as well as trying a huge range of foods to see how they impacted me, and how they affect the masses in general.

I’ll be excited to reference the twists to the Atkins plan that make it work, and is largely the way I live and eat…but with another added little side track that takes me WAY outside Atkins style of eating, and into a virtual opposite that can also work really well, and has for me over the past year of testing.

I will present this in my FLFL program as well of course, while explaining how the latter can also benefit the over 40 crowd more from a standpoint of helping to manage the challenges we have with health and injury-related issues.  I have modified both the plans in such a way as to benefit myself most optimally, and believe these modifications can be applied on a mass scale as well, once people have an understanding of how and when best to implement them.

It’s really exciting, more than anything from the standpoint of not having seen this combo offered elsewhere, and having enough personal experience with it now to want to share it and get feedback from others who might go down the same roads.

Very busy lately, apologies for the lack of blogging lately; am working with a lot of people on exploring these new avenues, and the time investment in education and experimentation can often be overwhelming.

But it’s my life, and I find joy in the pursuit.  🙂

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace……………………..Tim promoting canola oil

Very disappointed to find that seems to be in bed with the canola empire.

Canola oil is controversial, and will remain that way for a long time.  The vast majority of it that is in our foods is GMO, unless it is specifically stated on the label that it is not.  I personally feel this label may in fact be somewhat misleading, as the manufacture of canola, from my research, seems to be of gmo origin by default.  So I’m not sure how the labeling can claim otherwise.

Every single time we read information about any product on the internet, it becomes necessary to bear in mind where the funding may be coming from that provides the research, and what is being promoted in the process.  This goes for everything, including my program, and should be applied without exception.  I promote products in my program because I use them myself and believe in them. seems to promote canola oil for the same reason, despite me personally, and many other researchers, feeling it is a near-poisonous oil, and reduction to elimination of it among other oils in the diet too often provides positive results.

Experience is more important than opinion or position. also poo-poos saturated fats universally.  Plenty of studies are revealing that a *small* amount of saturated fats may be hugely beneficial for endocrine/hormonal health, and in my experience of consuming small amounts for a long time now I agree.

But with the western diet so overloaded with oils, the last thing that should be promoted in my opinion is the virtual liberal use of a very questionable oil, especially one that has a huge financial influence and interest behind it.  The fact that they would promote this as literally a “healthy” oil, bothers me a great deal.  And just because it is non-hydrogenated, does not suddenly make it healthy, another erroneous assumption too many people make.

I’ll be doing a video on oils soon…………….T


Excessive Oils in Diet Causing Pain

I am going to do a video soon on this topic.  The milk alternatives that are very popular, especially the soy, almond and other nut milks and hemp are unfortunately often using safflower or sunflower oils in their products that are a bit heavy on the omega 6 side as far as dietary needs go.

What I have discovered is that these seem to be a core cause of over-intake of oils and fats.

Although we would like to believe that these oils are of higher quality than canola and others, when we are also taking in various kinds of snack foods, such as chips, even the “healthy” chips in the health food section at the local store, they are too often using canola, palm, and a host of other oils that are just too much for the diet of a person who is experiencing any kind of pain.

I can attest to how joint issues clear up with the elimination of these oils and foods.  It is my speculation that these could be what are causing much of the Fibromyalgia issue as well, and would love to see sufferers of it give elimination of these foods a shot.

I have expanded these thoughts into the FLFL and Over 40 program, especially the latter.  If a person is not in pain, consumption of these milk alternatives may be ok, also depending upon each individual’s ability to metabolize the extra oils and fats in their diets.  I would think a person without a gall bladder, for instance, should go lengths to avoid these kinds of foods and drinks.

I’m contributing to the blog a bit less, apologies.  Just very short on time these days.  I think my contributions may be only a couple per month for the foreseeable future due to other obligations and assisting those on the program.  I will send out live emails to program participants as my favored option.

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace…………………Tim

Nectresse…Another No-Go For Me.

All I really had to do was see that it comes from the makers of Splenda to know I’d likely want nothing to do with it.

From what I’ve learned at this point about where it originates and what they in turn added to the extract, I know this will be yet another new alternative sweetener I will not be using.

It amazes me how hard so many companies will try to put out new alternative sweeteners.  The problem is, is that the market craves them and will go to them readily as alternatives to sugar, despite them having equal or less value.  Most health enthusiasts will research and report similar stances to mine on this new product, and it just becomes a matter of time before it, like agave for instance, develops the same negative publicity due to the lack of benefits of using it.

Oh well.  Another day another dollar from the masses……………………lol………….T