Cold, Tasty, Green-Smoothie Recipe:

Using my Ninja Pulse Blender (link below), I combine the following:

Three frozen slices of apple (I cut up slices of an organic Red Delicious apple and bag them in the freezer)

Fill up the remainder of the processor cup, to the line, with organic greens (my local grocer supplies mixed greens)

Add spring water to the bottom 1/3 of the processor cup

Add a spoonful of Dr. Webster’s organic green powder

Add a serving of Dr. Webster’s raw whey protein

(Both can be purchased at, use my name, facelessfatloss in the coupon code for a discount)

Blend briefly…the Ninja is WAY powerful and will turn the frozen apples into cold apple juice in no time

Remove from unit and top off processor cup with as many more greens as you can fit.

Add additional raw egg if you want more protein (optional)

Blend again briefly.



Drink slowly…CHEW YOUR JUICE!  Consider taking a digestive enzyme to assist with the breaking down of the extra fiber.

Link to the amazing Ninja…it’s like a jacked-up crazy version of yesteryear’s Magic Bullet blender.  The thing will turn a whole frozen apple into liquid in almost seconds.  I went through five juicers/smoothers to find one that worked, would not foam, and gave me real smoothies, and THIS IS IT…I wouldn’t trade it for ANY other machine (right click to open in new tab):

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender with Free Cookbook – Model BL205


Love, Happiness, Health and Peace…………….Tim  🙂