Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is your program mainly for men?

A: Absolutely not!  It is designed for both men AND women, and even has a couple sections focusing on women’s needs specifically.

Q: How is your program different from any other?

A: I have a core focus on *health through education*.  The only way for people to move forward in any area of their life is to educate themselves about what is required to get there, and the options available to help them achieve their goals.  Covering a broad spectrum of topics in an easy-to-understand format, enables the participant to self-determine what options best suit their needs.  I have had countless readers tell me they pick and choose parts of my program to implement, and then achieve marvelous results.  One size does not fit all, else we’d all be slim from that one magic pill or book!  I give you a combination of tools to pick and choose from.

Q: Why do you reference illness, pain, and other things that don’t relate to fat-loss?

A: Because these things absolutely CAN relate to fat loss.  My main, primary focus, has always been and always will be on HEALTH FIRST.  I “get” that everyone wants a beautiful body.  Hence, much of what I promote, and showing my body, etc, is designed to draw attention to how an attractive body can be achieved and maintained through a life-long “health-above-all-else” lifestyle.  In fact, lasting results, I firmly believe, will NOT happen any other way.  And SO many people are dealing with SO many ailments that are affecting their quality of life.  We have become a very sick society, and these issues…I sincerely believe…are in part destroying humanity.  We must focus on our core health first, so that we can then operate at our highest mental, physical, and spiritual potential.  All is intertwined.  A side benefit of this core focus is very often a beautiful body.  🙂

Q: Why don’t you show your face?

A: Just my fun way of branding myself, having the viewer focus on my body where the results are.  Although it’s often fun to be mysterious, filming is often a challenge, and I sometimes wish I chose a different trademark. 😉

Q: Are you trying to be funny in some of your online videos?

A: ABSOLUTELY.  And often FAILING MISERABLY. 😉  My program will have just a hint of humor here and there as well, in an effort to keep the learning process light (and especially in many of my live broadcast emails) but the vast majority of it is serious learning materials.

Q: Can you help me with my (illness listed here).

A: I am not a doctor, so I have to always encourage everyone to seek a doctor’s advice first.  I cannot by law give any advice or recommendations in this regard, and my material is designed solely to provide the reader with what I have done and experienced to obtain the results I have achieved.  Therefore, the only thing I can do is tell you what I would do, if it were me, if I were in your situation.  I will be participating in the Maintenance Motions site frequently, and will provide my own “Pain Check List” for those suffering from any illness, and what I’ve done over the years to manage my various illness to regain, and maintain, my health.

Q: What are your certifications?

A: I have *none*!  I do not hold myself out to be in any way certified as a personal trainer, nutritionist or otherwise.  I designate myself ONLY as a full-time researcher, and use my on-going videos of myself, and the testimonials on my site to speak as to how qualified I may be to help someone with an over-weight/fat or similar condition.  If you need a person to have a title, all I suggest is that you make sure that  your personal trainer and/or nutritionist demonstrates a similar level of knowledge about the areas I discuss, and that they have the body to prove the results.  And if they do on both counts…HIRE THEM!

Q: Will you answer my emails if I’m not in the program?

A: I try as best I can, and please be assured I do read ALL emails.  But it can be overwhelming at times to respond to everyone, and some people need serious help that I can offer insights to…they have to come first, which I’m sure you can understand.

Q: Do you make money from other things besides the program itself?

A: YES I do.  For the first couple years of selling the program, I did not make one dime from ANY of the wonderful products that I used and promoted.  There are many of these, and all are a part, or were a part, of my lifestyle.  Between trying to help everyone via email, and not bringing in any additional funds to support myself, I was both running myself ragged as well as homeless at the same time.  It was a few of my own customers that suggested I finally earn the commissions.  There are still many products whose commissions still go directly to charity (and always will), and other products that I use but simply make nothing from in encouraging you to consider them, and then those that I do earn very (VERY) small commissions from as a means of helping to support myself.  If you have ANY issue with this, or being introduced to new products and supplements, please do NOT order my program.  I have put a lifetime of research into what I offer, and I am not financially invested in any of them!  Meaning, if something better comes along, I drop one product for the other so that you learn about the BEST of the BEST.  I use or have used every single product I discuss.  And I have refused to promote other products that I do not believe in, after having been offered the opportunity to do so.  My program is one of integrity and will remain that way forever.

Q: Isn’t there any advice you can give me for free?

A: ABSOLUTELY! 🙂  That is the point of most of my free online videos!  There is WAY too much info to cover, I couldn’t possibly cover it all in one program, and any info relating to alleviation of pain symptoms, I *always* give away for free (I would never EVER charge someone to learn what I’ve done to help me resolve pain…goes against my moral/ethical standards).  As far as fat and weight loss goes, the old rule of “energy (calories) in, energy (calories) out” always applies.  This is a rule that enables so many of the weight loss programs, the ones we all know by name, create results for the people who use them.  I do go into this in my program, including how to reduce your stomach’s capacity so you’ll feel fuller faster and therefore consume less calories, but simply reducing caloric input often has limitations as far as results go…and I explain why, and what to do about it, in my program.

Q: Do you teach raw food eating or similar?

A: In part.  I support the lifestyle but built the program off of what I’ve learned, use myself, and have watched worked for others.  This incorporates some meat products for those who eat meat, some raw foods, and some cooked foods.  Research shows that many foods release different nutrients when heat is applied.  I don’t eat an enormous amount of meat myself, and was a long-time vegetarian…so I do cater, as much as I can, to the vegans and vegetarians out there, while presenting meat options for the meat eaters as well.

Q: Do you have genetic advantages that enable you to look like that?

A: I firmly believe that alleged genetic limitations can absolutely be overcome.  Don’t buy into the notion that you are “stuck” with the body that you have.  Countless anecdotal cases prove otherwise.  And as a genetic side note…both of my biological parents are at least 25lbs overweight (Love you Mom and Dad). 🙂  I’m the “weird one” in the family who obtained, and maintains, the results…;)

Q: I’m under the impression your program must be very difficult for you to always have abs like that…will I feel like I’m deprived of food all the time?

A: What I can say is this IS about a new lifestyle, and absolutely is NOT about starvation.  I also explain the how’s and why’s of the challenge involved, and have tools available to you to make it easier to manage, including some incredible audio programs to assist with motivation and other mental blocks.  You do need to be ready to make real change, and to be patient with yourself through the process.  Results come relatively quickly for most people (noticing a difference often within the first week).  But you must be willing to abandon old food and lifestyle habits, and take on new ones in their place.  Serious change can and will happen if you are determined.  If you are not ready and willing in that regard, this program is not for you.  Just ask yourself: Do you really WANT to look amazing in that swimsuit at the pool or on vacation?  Where men and women notice you, and even make comments on occasion?  I can tell you from personal experience…it is a wonderful feeling to walk into my local pool area at my gym and have people notice me and even compliment me, especially when one is as insecure as I am! 😉  And it’s one heck of a bonus motivational tool!

Q: How do you feel about the various weight loss programs out there?

A: Many of them can really help people a great deal.  But where they often fall short is in addressing the health-related issues with eating certain foods, and how to maintain weight loss via a new lifestyle.  Although the participant may lose weight, they may later gain it back, or encounter health issues down the line, not realizing that many of the foods we often call “health foods” these days, can, and often do, create illness for people a great deal of the time.  If the person is unaware of these potential complications, they have no way of knowing what may be a root cause of their challenges.  On top of this, some of the foods eaten in these plans are exactly what cause the “fat loss plateau,” where the participant is often stuck being unable to shed “those last few pounds.”  My program identifies these potential road blocks and shows you how to manage them successfully.  And as a last note…I feel my exercise portion is both more effective, and easier than any other program out there.  😉

Q: If your program is so valuable, why don’t you charge as much as so many of those other programs?  I feel like if I pay more, I’ll receive more quality, quantity, and value.

A: Consider this: Those informercials and other expensive programs sold on a wide scale with lots of publicity have sold hundreds of thousands to millions of units.  My program, in comparison, has sold a tiny fraction of that amount, because I don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising funds to promote the program that those folks do (I even take my promo pics in a bedroom and bathroom for goodness sakes!) 😉  But look at the length of my testimonials in comparison (and I do not list them all).  Why aren’t the other programs listing testimonials to the tune of many THOUSANDS, considering how many more programs they’ve sold?  I want my program to be accessible to the masses, and the price I chose makes it so.  And I’ll let the testimonials on my site speak to the quality, quantity, and value.