Free Weight Loss Program for Teens



My weight loss/fat loss program found at the tabs above is being made available on a limited basis, via parental consent, for free, to teenagers under 18 who are struggling with weight and over-fat issues.

What I have found is that the education…which I stress repeatedly as a focal point to helping ourselves lose weight/fat and regain great health…is what is lacking most in this area as too much faith and trust is placed in outdated modes of food pyramids and other alleged “healthy” eating practices that clearly, based on plenty of evidence all around us, is simply NOT working any longer.

The consumerism of western society, as it spreads throughout the planet, also spreads with it increasing incidences of diabetes, weight gain, low energy and other forms of poor health that focus much more on perpetuating low-quality foods for the sake of stockholders and profit, over the health of our people, and especially that of our future…our children.

Kids used to be slim with beautiful bodies, for the most part, back when I was in school in the 70’s and 80’s.

Obesity rates have since skyrocketed.

I can show you and your son or daughter why based on my research, and what MUST be done about it in order to create lasting positive change.

My program DOES require adjustments, and perhaps a lifestyle change.

But substitutions can be made for certain foods that are just as fulfilling, along with my specialized exercise program (he or she can start with a mere ten minutes a day) and a reduction in quantity/calories and he or she can be well on their way to truly effective and long-standing weight loss that can then become a lifestyle that may reward him/her for the rest of their lives.

I know how to do this.

Let me show your child what I’ve learned.


-I must be able to communicate with the parent via email and/or phone; I need to know the program is going to an actual teen, and there are parts of the program a teen should not participate in such as the cleanse/fast that I use for myself.

-Parent must understand that the program contains information that helped me, and helped others, but that it is designed to be solely educational, and may or may not be right for the teen.

-Parent agrees to have a trusted family doctor, preferably a doctor well-versed in nutrition, diet and exercise to monitor the teen should the teen participate in any weight or fat loss program.

-I will not be able to offer assistance/consultation with the program due to my current obligations.

-And lastly, that all disclaimers that are a part of my program apply: I am not a doctor, I cannot give medical advice, my program contains my research and opinions only, and no part of my program is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

Contact me at my video channel that brought you here, or at my yahoo address user name “facelessfatloss.”

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………….Tim   🙂