I am a FREAK.

Hey there, it’s Tim/FacelessFatloss, a good Tuesday afternoon to you. 🙂
I am not using any prescription drugs.
I am not using any illegal drugs.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I don’t drink coffee.
I exercise regularly and eat clean foods 95% of the time.
I eat little gluten.
Organic fruits and vegetables are in my shopping cart.
I am always conscious of, and grateful to, the source of my meat and animal products.
I have electricity filters in my home.
I hate my cell phone, and place it feet away from me when in use.
I wear a frequency filter around my neck.
I pursue alternative thought…exploring, learning new things, different perspectives.
I don’t use over-the-counter medications, preferring my colloidal silver instead.
I use the sun and tanning booths to get my vitamin D.
I never drink tap water.
I don’t get the flu shot.
I meditate regularly and sometimes practice Qigong.
I rarely to never go to the dentist.
In short, I am a weirdo-freak according to society.
Are you?

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace…………….Tim  🙂