What’s up with the whole “raw movement” gig that’s going on?

(fact is, it has been “going on” for many, many decades now)

To start this article, I want to make it clear that I do not do an all-out fruitarian, 80/10/10, raw food or vegan-type diet.


I absolutely DO incorporate those methods into my overall lifestyle.

For me, if one identifies themselves as any of the above, they eat that way 100% of the time.  I *was* a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 15 years before I became ill.  And I adhered to it 99%, as most do who take on a specific lifestyle and are serious about it.  I was pretty hard-core, as I often am about any approach I take.  My motto is basically “do it right, or don’t do it at all.”  How else are we going to know if it works or not?

Leaving the vegetarian lifestyle was a monumental adjustment for me.  I had to discover what my body needed, and adapt to the mental/spiritual change.  I was fortunate in that regard, in that I found, for me, what I believed to be a perfect balance and has continued to be ever since, and on all levels.

My system discusses my “diet cycling” technique that has ended up working very well for me.  This is not a tactic that I would ever do if I was in weight or fat loss-ONLY mode.  Meaning, I firmly believe, based on my own results, that certain techniques need to be applied in the beginning stages to help ensure the most rapid, yet safe forms of fat loss.  80/10/10 people talk about weight loss success on that type of diet.  And I certainly don’t doubt that it’s possible.  But in my opinion it happens much more slowly, and like any diet, many people can’t adhere to it for a long term; too many people discover that more protein is needed in order to feel balanced.  80/10/10 can also be very expensive.  Worst case…a person can’t handle large amounts of fruit (I personally know someone who has hated fruit for over 70 years…lol) and although the varieties can be endless…and I will speak only to MY case now…some animal protein, in some form, seems to be a crucial part of my overall well-being. 

That may have been part of the reason I was lacto-ovo vegetarian for so many years.

Believe me: For those who are 80/10/10 and the raw/vegan etc, I completely understand the ethics of it.  That was the whole reason I ever explored any of it to begin with.

But as of now, I find specific applications for these kinds of diets, especially the 80/10/10 and raw/vegan.  I do not “live” these diets by any means.  I simply cycle them in, for specific purposes.  And in doing so derive huge benefits from them.  My materials offer the reader the opportunity to learn about the raw approach, and from whom I consider to be the absolute leader in that field.  That person is the one whom I learned everything from, and with a wonderful heart…has a tremendous amount to offer that I believe every person alive should learn about and find a way to incorporate into their lives. 

The facts are solid on this, based on research and personal experience: There are absolute benefits to 80/10/10 and raw vegan lifestyles.  I personally believe, and have found, that their best benefits are derived by modifying them just a bit…perhaps a form of “balance”…to derive from them the greatest benefits of all.