Colloidal silver and silver ion technology helped restore my health and happiness, beyond any question. The sites found via the two links below explain the advances in this technology, and how/why this specific form of silver is so incredibly useful as a supplement.  I have included reference to these wonderful products in my fat loss program available on the Home page above, complimenting your all-encompassing path to wellness and success.  I make no money from the sales of the first silver, one bottle lasts a very long time, and it has an extremely high degree of safety (no reported side effects after selling hundreds of thousands of bottles) and yet is so incredibly powerful in such small dosages.  I do make a small commission from the second form of silver.  🙂

     As always, I like to encourage people to put a spray’s worth of any form of silver on their arm first, and wait 24 hours monitoring the spot, just to make sure you aren’t one of the very rare people who may experience an allergic reaction to it.

     The first form of silver is great for people new to silver, and as a compliment to a fasting cleanse.

     The second form at the bottom of the page is more suited to people who have serious health issues they are contending with, and need something very powerful and deeply penetrating.


     Here are my personal experiences with them, and why I support these products as wholeheartedly as I do:

-Near-complete relief from a very long term painful localized and systemic “unknown infection” that doctors labeled a “medical enigma.” (This alone convinced me beyond any doubt this was a very special product…that will tend to happen after spending your life savings trying to stop pain, only to finally find an affordable product that relieved the pain relatively easily).

-Amazing for acne; nothing I have ever used has decreased the size and duration of a pimple more effectively. Duration cut down to a mere few days at worst (a large pimple used to last up to a month at times) and they now never grow to more than a small size, which depends simply on noticing the pimple soon enough, to reverse its course (the sooner I notice it, the faster I’m able to reverse it with both oral and topical application).  I realize my branding omits my face; but on my word, I have a very clear complexion with now only a rare pimple or two, which this silver manages as per above.  A close friend experienced a dramatic reduction in her acne with this product that I witnessed first-hand, and which moved me tremendously.

-Yeast/Candida/Fungal issues: While on prescription meds when I was very ill, I experienced a massive fungal overgrowth issue, manifesting itself as thrush among other distressful symptoms. Silver brought these issues under control, where my only other effective option amounted to more prescription drugs with heavy side effects. It is now my personal opinion that there is no safer, nor more effective way to control the yeast/candida/fungus epidemic than to use silver…and it is speculated that nearly 100% of overweight people have a yeast overgrowth condition in their bodies.  The science behind this theory simply makes sense, especially as it relates to sugar cravings.

-Muscle twitching: Science does not yet have an explanation in most cases as to what is causing this issue in so many people. My speculation is that it is often systemic fungus, since my own tics have correlated to obvious fungus issues in my body (such as the thrush referenced above). But their appearance and intensity seem to be alleviated by silver, and the topical magnesium that I also promote in my videos.

-Sore throats/colds/flu; I have suffered a terribly depleted immune system due to long rounds of powerful antibiotics back when I was ill. I have been susceptible ever since to catching what ever is going around (though I am steadily regaining my immunity). *I have not been sick for a typical duration even ONCE since discovering the incredible power of silver*. At worst, I experience signs that last a couple hours, to a day or two at most. Increasing the silver dosage accordingly stops the entire process dead in its tracks. (After recovering from my illness, this benefit alone sold me; I was blown away that even a cold that has set in could be curtailed and then eliminated with silver. I have never experienced this in over 20 years with any other anti-pathogen products, including countless forms of herbs and other supplements).

-Canker sores; now non-existent.

-The common oral cold sore; now non-existent.

-Dental caries; now non-existent (I will often hold the silver in my mouth for long periods to obtain optimal sublingual absorption; in doing so, am likely reducing cavity-producing bacteria in the process)

…And I now experience greater energy and even clarity of thought (likely associated with fungus/candida control) that correlates directly with silver usage.

These are of course only my personal experiences with these forms of silver. But these benefits have been, and continue to be, a BIG deal to me…

…In fact, these technologies have done SO much for me, that I felt the NEED to “give back”:

      When you use the first picture link below for the first form of silver I present, and you purchase it, the commission from the sales (after the company is paid) become a charitable contribution to help a third party struggling with an Autism-spectrum disorder, and the social stigma and in turn financial challenges it creates. In this economy, I feel strongly that we all need to be helping others when ever we possibly can, if we are able to. Donating to charities should of course be a helpful thing; but I prefer to help people directly, when I can witness and know that an actual person is being helped from my efforts.

      I accomplish that objective with this promotion.

      The commissions are not seen by me, nor am I aware of the sales. They are routed directly to the third party after the company is paid, from yet a fourth party that processes the orders (shareasale), and I benefit in no way financially from the sale. **I** benefit by supporting this amazing company for producing what I feel is one of the most important supplements the world currently has, helping the third party, and by helping you.


Opti-Silver logo - 90w



      There are only two silver products, of the countless I’ve tried (as well as have made at home) that are truly effective.  Both are found on this page, and you can choose which you prefer based on your current needs.  As a side note, silver products should never be combined…if I use one form of silver, I will give my body a week 1/2 to flush out the first silver product, with clean water and a natural source of selenium (often coupled with whole food vitamin E supplements for example), before I use the other product, and I will stick with only one or the other silver product based on need.

     The Total Body Detox silver/zeolite product (“TBD”) is for special situations where the person is seriously ill, or suspects they are, and are looking for a very powerful form of silver coupled with the most effective form of chelation (via zeolite) that I have personally ever come across.

     This form of silver, which you can research at, (you will not be able to purchase it there, it is sold only via practitioners) has proven kill profiles based on studies done against all sorts of extreme pathogens, including candida and even the Lyme spirochete.  It is a silver that should be used only one spray at a time when starting out, to avoid any excessive herxing, in an effort to determine how much the body can handle.  The label will state maintenance as well as higher dosage recommendations.

     The construction of this form of silver is different from the Opti-Silver found at the picture above.  The TBD is more a colloidal silver with various particle sizes.

     As far as the silver itself goes, the only thing that ever mattered to me was that it WORKS for challenging circumstances.  That has been my experience, and that of others, including a friend who reduced his PSA counts based on usage of this product, avoiding more serious prostate concerns.

     The Opti-Silver above is great for general use, and has always knocked out an oncoming cold/flu for me with a couple sprays every couple hours when I felt like I was getting sick, as well as to compliment a fasting cleanse.

     The TBD was great for me when I had serious issues, and nothing else was working.  The silver part of the TBD system was “THE” silver that helped get my life back, in part due to its formula, and its potency.  It has a longer half-life than the Opti-Silver, and is capable of penetrating deeper into the body, entering the hard-to-reach areas such as the prostate and other organs.  The formula has an over 15 year safety history, has ten patents behind it, and is used world-wide, especially in Europe.

     And the zeolite is the best zeolite product I have ever come across; it has no comparison, with studies to prove its ability to remove mercury and other heavy metals extremely effectively via a selective mechanism, whereby it will also *not* remove other minerals that we depend upon for good health.

     I do make a small commission when you purchase the TBD system.

     I have personally used between 2 and 8 sprays per day, as needed, and it is cycled like all of my supplements are.  If I feel illness coming on or other symptoms, I will take 2 sprays every couple hours up to 8 sprays, holding it in my mouth for at least fifteen minutes each time.  I cycle all of my supplements, so I will go without it on occasion for a week or two, and then just use a few sprays one day, off the next, etc. on as as-needed basis.  Each bottle lasts me at least two months, usually longer.  I have in the past used this product for long stretches of time, such as several days a week for a year or more.

    The two silver products offered on this page, the Opti-Silver and Total Body Detox, are “the only two that matter” in my book.  I worked long and hard to be able to bring BOTH to you, and ONLY these two to you, as the ONLY two silver products I would EVER consider.  Pick and choose which of the two best suits you based on application and current need.  I cannot speak highly enough of either for their separate applications, and you will find highly respected researchers, alternative doctors and scientists giving both of them high praise as well.