“You’re a F**kin’ WHACK-O”

Ever had someone stand right in front of you, and repeat those words above, over and over and over again, hoping to instigate a fist-fight, based on ideas you have about the nature of well-being and health?

I have.

It took some serious getting used to, being online, putting myself out there.

I knew early on I wanted to maintain a sense of anonymity, for a few core reasons:

First, the countless ads for weight loss often feature the headless torso of a man (or woman) with toned abs.  I figured my body could “sell” my program, and help me maintain privacy at the same time. 

I also wanted to keep my ego as far out of the equation as I possibly could.  People will attach themselves to ideas and forfeit an open mind when it comes to commerce and money-making, adhering to an outdated idea, unwilling to admit a potential “wrong,” when their face is tied to that idea.  Although I pride myself (ego, lol) on being able to admit wrongs, and explore new avenues, I knew it’d be that much easier to do so, on a larger scale in front of many more people, if my ego was as separated as possible from my efforts.  Not having my face showing enables me that much more ability to keep to maintain that, and constantly bring alternative new ideas to my audience without any need to “save face” (pun).

I will admit some of the face-less-ness is kinda cheeky.  I’ve always enjoyed mystery and having fun with mystery.  Despite the fact that it annoys a part of my audience, I have enjoyed it regardless.

Once, I was recognized by a total stranger based solely on my voice!

So ANYWAY…the point of this post:

I also have specific stances that have not changed much since my life was altered in 2005, and I do not see them changing any time soon.  These relate to specific beliefs about the way western society is currently operating.  Ways of life that have become an accepted “norm,” that are most certainly not “normal” according to my beliefs and ideals:

-Water fluoridation

-The vaccination issue

-Mercury amalgam tooth fillings

-Over the counter and prescription medications

…to name just a few.

I have been attacked vigorously…including outright physical threats to my safety…for addressing these issues.

I have had backlash from almost every angle of the support structure that we all count on, including family and friends for taking up these issues and attempting to create change.

I have had friends and family not only ignore substantial alternative accomplishments (such as getting myself well after a solid year and a half of severe suffering at the hands of doctors), but actively mock and ridicule ethics and active efforts that go outside of their conventional comfort zones, such as the above referenced issues.

I have even had a person stand before me, fist-fighting distance and ready, repeatedly call me a “whacko” and project a definite desire to engage in violence in order to make his point.

(And, I suppose unfortunately, I was as willing to have it go to that sorry next level, which I am grateful for both of us that it never did).

Point being, I am up against a remaining “Force,” (Star Wars’ “Dark Side of…”) that insists on poisoning me, my loved ones, the planet and the people in a multitude of ways.  I am very active against this mass-accepted and even somewhat sickeningly “welcomed” force.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, I simply “know” rights and wrongs when I see and experience them.  And I’m the type of person that very actively DOES SOMETHING about it.

I therefore am a part of the growing movement to create change in the above issues, as well as several other important issues.

If you have ideas about the above issues that you are not willing to bend on, you likely do not belong here.

If you are one of my haters, get in line, and give it the best you got…(cuz that’s what it will take, I ain’t goin’ no where).

And if you’re on my team, join me in this journey that gives us an alternative healthy route, affording us all amazing bodies, minds and spirits, and share in the change we can and will see in our lifetimes.