My program MAY not be for you:

Some basic perspectives that I hold that will help you determine if what I’m about is for you, and whether it’s a good idea for you to join my community:

-My body and health was wreaked by doctors.  As you can imagine, I ain’t a fan any longer.  (This after aspiring to be a doctor as a child).  Doctors are great for trauma care, and good as a last resort in my book, but I will not be going to them for my health care with just a few exceptions such as tests that they can assist with.  My path is about using my food, herbs and some supplements to maintain my health.  Although you need to consult with a doctor before participating in any program, I personally do not utilize them myself any longer.  I almost died from what they were doing to me.  For YOU, they may save your life.

-I live somewhat holistically.  I do not consider myself extreme, but I am different from the mainstream, and people HAVE SAID they consider me “extreme.”  Only a small percentage of my diet contains processed foods, since I’ve learned the joys of eating real foods instead.  What I do is not about most foods at the grocery store, but rather focusing on the produce section instead.  When I do eat processed foods, my label-reading is analytical and beyond what most of the masses are willing to study or consider in order to make better choices.

-I have a sense of humor in my free online videos, and just a little in my program.  It is dry.  It may not be something you appreciate, and I have been known to offend on occasion, though that is fairly rare. 

-I believe in appreciating the sources of my food.  It is somewhat of a spiritual perspective, though I do not affiliate myself with any religion.  I’m just about living as best I can and exploring what life has to offer right now, and as much of it as I possibly can.  I am open to the idea of God while appreciating and respecting what science has to offer as well, and I do not make any arguments about an alleged separation of the two.  Because my lifetime of exploring those areas has taught me that “I just don’t know.”  And therefore, my exploration also never stops.

-I focus on the health of my body constantly.  It is not about vanity.  It is about having a healthy “vehicle” with which to navigate life through and with.  When my body is affected, my mind is affected, my spirit is affected.  Therefore, tending to my body is pretty much the number one priority in my life: how much water have I had today, how will this food affect me right now, which supplement should I utilize for the pending activities, how do I best make use of the sugars I’m consuming, etc.  The old cliche is true: This IS a “lifestyle.”  And that IS how I keep my shape that you see all the time for years now.

-I am forever open-minded to new ideas and approaches.  That is a core of my being.  I am not stuck in specific styles such as low or high carb.  I in fact cycle these tactics all the time.  I am always willing to entertain new ideas and approaches, hence the evolution of this program since 2008.  The fine-tuning and increased results both in myself and others has been outstanding.

-That open-mindedness and lifestyle approach has afforded me so many advantages that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  What my program offers is my life path and the rewards that followed, and have continued to stick with me since I started this path in late 2005.

Are you ready to consider a new direction?  Cus this ain’t about no diet.  This is about a way of life.  That’s the whole point.  If so, embark on your new life here.