I vowed to fight it ever since I was a kid… 

…This “aging thing” just ain’t my gig.  I don’t dig it, it ain’t groovy, it ain’t kewl, and it certainly ain’t  hip.

So I do fight it.  Gently and productively.

The collective effects of our environment, I strongly believe, are in large part responsible for what we experience as “aging.”  Couple this with nutrient deficiencies and it’s a wonder we are even surviving at times.

It is a shame that this needs to be such an involved on-going effort.  “Over on my planet,” we do not disrupt the environment in any way, so that the surroundings we find ourselves in are filled with a natural balance that Earth, unfortunately, has virtually hardly a hint of.

This in turn provides a life-giving atmosphere.  One that supports the body as a part of that nature.

We can have this on Earth.  It is absolutely 100% possible, but a lot of change…a LOT…is in order before we’ll ever see it.

In the meantime, we have options.  Options on both a macro level, and on a micro level.  The latter is what I focus on, and am here to prove what is possible.

Certain supplements unquestionably enhance the over-40-er’s quality of life.  Our energy drain that we experience as we age can be helped tremendously by a good quality ubiquinol supplement for example.  The mitochondria seem to be in more and more desperate need of support once we pass 40.  And the impact on the body through supplementing with ubiquinol seems to be nothing but positive, and the results can really be felt. 

Nothing like a caffeine buzz here.  Just a more “normal” sense of feeling strength and energy.

One example among many of the things we can do to increase the quality of our bodies and our lives.

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