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The Ultra-Exciting Latest Advancement in Bio-Available Protein that your body NEEDS, and that actually WORKS.

     The standard that ALL protein sources are measured against, is that of whey protein.  There simply is no better source of protein for the body than that of whey, which is sourced from cow milk.


     There is a VAST difference in the types and quality of whey protein powders available on the market.  One difference in particular…the difference between any standard whey powder as compared to a low-heat pasteurized whey…is so profound that the competitors do not want to get near addressing it when they’re trying to sell you their product.

      And I don’t blame them…



Junk-Filler, Artificial-Sweetener-Laced, Over-Processed, Gimmicky Garbage

     We’re all familiar with the national chain health food/supplement stores.  They sell whey supplements that come in very loud and large containers.  Millions of dollars in advertising is put into promoting these whey products.  On the rare occasion I go to these stores now (I used to go to them all the time, until I realized what they are selling) I am appalled at the ingredient labels on these products.  These whey products try to give your body what it wants, and “yes,” your body is able to make SOME use of those products.

     But the best quality whey products, such as the one referenced here, give your body exactly what it craves; that of a whole, bio-available protein source that your body needs and will actually understand and use.

     No confusing, high-heat processed proteins for your body to not only not be able to make use of, but new research is even suggesting may be causing health problems in the process.  After all, the natural proteins have been tampered with far too much.  Humans consumed raw milk sources, directly from the animal, for CENTURIES before industry and government came in, and decided to over-sterilize the food, and in the process, destroy or alter countless vital nutrients, the most important of which being enzymes and proteins/amino acids.

     DON’T MISUNDERSTAND: “Yes,” there are potential bacterial concerns with milk and dairy products.   This is what brought about the pasteurization process to begin with.

     But the BEST way to manage this situation is via an ultra-easy solution that either IS being used, or is NOT: that of LESS heat being applied to the food product (the milk) in order to preserve the structural integrity of the enzymes, proteins, cysteine, Omega-3’s, CLA (fat burning!) and vital immunoglobumins, while applying *just enough* heat to take care of the bugs.

     (Makes you wonder why ALL pasteurization processes are not reverting to this easy-change method, doesn’t it?)

     This is the solution to both affording us a clean product, as well as a highly NUTRITIONAL product that surpasses that of all other whey products.

     It is the ONLY whey product I, “Tim aka facelessfatloss,” will use, and you see the results in my videos.

     Grass Fed, No Hormones, Full-Spectrum Whole Food:

     -GRASS FED COWS: Comes from grass fed cows (no grain-feed or dead animal feed, cows are not grain eaters nor are they carnivores!)

     -NO HORMONES: Comes from cows that have not been pumped full of hormones (if your whey does not state this on the label you can bet you’re consuming residual hormones; ever wonder why so many young boys are developing signs of breasts?  Look at all the cow meat most of them are consuming from fast food outlets as one of several likely causes.)

     -NO ANTIBIOTICS: Those of you who follow my efforts know I’m on a rampage against irresponsible use of antibiotics.  The latest research is finally proving out that antibiotics are causing gut flora destruction on a level that is causing a huge array of health problems.  We do not need to be consuming residual antibiotics in our water supply nor in foods we eat, as can happen with milk coming from antibiotic-treated cows.  This is an issue in just about every other whey protein product out there, but NOT in this one!

     -CASEIN: Casein, the common allergen in dairy products, has been removed.

     -ULTRA-SMALL INGREDIENT LIST: Contains only the most minimal ingredients for your body to process.  No long ingredient labels here filling your food with GARBAGE for the sake of satisfying your taste buds or fulfilling the latest fad; other companies add artificial sweeteners, rock-style vitamins and minerals our bodies don’t recognize, and then put in whatever the latest hypee-ingredient is for the sake of marketing and to fill up (“fillers”) a larger container with more of what we don’t want, and less of the actual protein food that our bodies need.

     -LOW HEAT PASTEURIZATION: Comes from raw milk that is not high-heat pasteurized, and is organic (if your whey does not state these things, you can bet it is NOT organic, exposing you to residual pesticides, herbicides, and the milk has been pasteurized, high-heat, destroying the integrity of the protein source).

     -FULL SPECTRUM AMINOS: Contains the perfect full-spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids, in a body-recognized whole food form.  Our bodies know what to do with this protein source, and does so more efficiently and productively than with most any other protein source.


Time to get back to the real thing. 

     Give your body what it wants and needs, and you will truly notice the difference.

     My health and fat loss program available at the “Home” tab above has long taught that one of my ways of eating, has often included NOT taking in a breakfast.  That has changed.  I still don’t “eat” breakfast…but I do drink it.  I drink this wonderful raw whey protein to get started now, each and every day.

     AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, I use this whey product as my during-and-after-workout protein source; without which, a workout becomes a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.

     (Yes, workout protein is THAT important.  Optimally, the whey should be consumed within that 45-minute window AFTER the workout.  Else, studies suggest, you are virtually wasting your workouts!)


     Many more details at Dr. Webster’s site below.  I haven’t even begun to touch on the poisons that the other cheap, crappy whey products put into their formulas to help ensure the sale; the countless additives and especially the outright toxic flavorings (such as aspartame) that they hope will satisfy your taste buds enough for another sale, as compared to using the whey for what it should be used for: that of nourishing our bodies with desperately needed protein that in turn benefits us in countless ways: muscle toning, losing fat, detoxification and immune system building.


ASK YOURSELF: How the heck is your body supposed to benefit optimally from a product that is literally poisoning you every time you use it?!?

     “YES,” I get a little uptight about it (more than a “little” actually)…we have been fed garbage for far too long!  Just LOOK AT US!  Everyone is SICK and FAT!  Time for truly healthy change; that of taking us back to the old, tried-and-true paradigm, of genuine REAL food and REAL nutrition.

The Cost:

     Whenever I measure the cost of food, the amount of protein in the food always makes for an easy measure of comparison.  If you compare the number of grams of protein *per serving* in a product, you can often determine what an approximate fair price would be. 

     BUT: What you also need to take into consideration is how BIO-AVAILABLE that protein source is in turn.  Remember, whey is “THE” standard against which ALL other proteins are measured.

     Which would you rather spend the money on: a $2.00 hamburger giving you 16 grams of protein sourced from a hormone-laden, antibiotic-hopped cow, fed grains and other dead animals (cows aren’t supposed to eat grains nor are they carnivores), processed in who-knows what ways to get the alleged “food” on your plate with who-knows how many additives and residual pesticides that subtly leave toxins in your body…

     Or a highly processed, junk-and-poison-filled, less-absorbed whey you can find cheaper at your local so-called “nutrition” store…

     …OR, would you rather spend your money on a clean protein source that not only assures that your body USES the protein, but in turn benefits from it, as compared to having to contend with a realm of detoxing just to squeeze what little it can from the highly processed meat or poison supplement?

     I think you get the picture. 

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