The never-ending, vegetarian fighting and brawls go on and on and on.  Hate, Battles, Insults, Accusations and War.


For anyone following me on video since 2008, you’ve likely come across by default some of the folks that are engaged in just non-stop controversy and often times outright hostile debate over what kind of diet is best for everyone and why.

You’ll also likely know that there is in-fighting amongst many who really, it seems, “should” be all on the same team.

Yet their differences of opinion are just enough that all-out brawls are taking place, and they just never seem to end.

I was a vegetarian for over 15 years.  I was primarily lacto-ovo, venturing into outright vegan at times for stretches.

In 2005, on the advice of someone I respected and while very ill, I incorporated some minor meat consumption back into my life. 

As you will read/see and hear about from other ex-raw foodists/ex-vegans, we all mostly support that kind of lifestyle.  I utilized it for both health reasons (at least what I thought were healthy for ME) as well as moral/ethical reasons as more my primary motivation.

So I struggled hard with letting it go.  But I was also so sick, that I had to try to let it go to see if it would help me to do so.

I found a place spiritually where I was ok with it.  I should have been ok with it long before based on my belief system, but it still simply did not resonate with me until the time came that it really needed to.

Now: Even raw food and vegan folks…the more open-minded or “tolerant” (hate to have to put it that way), often understand that some, or perhaps many people, just plain cannot incorporate a vegan/raw food diet into their lifestyle.  It becomes a huge struggle for them, for whatever reason, be it psychological, biological, or whatever.

Some purport the lifestyle to be extremely sustainable.  Other research seems to prove that it absolutely is not.

I am absolutely not here to take a political stance on either.  I merely read the research and opinions, and do what I have proven works best for my body, based on how I feel is the best way to live to honor what life sustains us with.

So I cycle aspects of the raw/vegan/etc diets into my lifestyle.  I support the concept, and hope to see it develop more into something that has a broader application for all.  It has been around a very long time, and more and more seems to be learned from it as the interest in it continues.

But what I do, is what is described in my program.  And seeing as I believe most people can see, whereby there would be instances when such diets can be useful and productive, I incorporate these ways of eating into my lifestyle with a specific purpose behind them, and one that I have seen people carry on with for as long or short as they wish to, to achieve at least some kind of desirable result. 

There is no question in my mind…NONE…that the lifestyles can afford massive benefits for some people depending on their situations, and how the diets are implemented. 

But equally without question, the diets can affect some people adversely, which can of course be wholly frustrating, when we collectively hope for all-encompassing solutions that can offer near 100% results for everyone.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing just does not exist.

Another ex-raw-fooder “came out” in late 2012, after many years of promoting raw food on the internet, and gave explanations as to why he/she decided to stop using the raw food lifestyle due to health issues that could not be resolved without returning some animal products back into his/her life.  Doing this resolved those issues, as has also happened with another person’s channel who took part in an interview with a very famous raw fooder by telephone, and who suffered extreme acne due to the type of diet the person was on.

I am here only to say that similar happened to me.  That I ate according to the teachings of many decades of vegan/raw food experience, and ate correctly.  And still suffered some consequences that impacted ME…but absolutely might not affect others in the same way.

The fights will continue.  Some of these people seem to outright hate me for consuming a small amount of animal products, something I do with great appreciation and respect for the source of the food. 

This hate directed towards me without understanding who I am as a person and the honor and thanks associated with my meat consumption.

And I get it.  I “get” the moral/ethical issue, because I struggled with it myself, and on a substantial scale.

So while I in turn support my haters, believing in their efforts, adding to their promotions, attending their events and certainly eating a lot of their preferred foods…I will also forever have to contend with the lack of full acceptance, the on-going judgement, and the separation that breaks what could otherwise be a powerful, moving, and cooperatively compassionate community.