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—The tactics that are just barely being explored in the health and diet field that are finally sounding the wake-up call…because they WORK. (This new information will be “THE” most-discussed, and most-clinically-proven methods to fat loss over the next ten years, that will FINALLY DESTROY the current obesity epidemic)

—How to indulge your sweet tooth and still obtain fat loss

—How and Why certain “health foods” are poisonous to you and your efforts (and I mean *literally poison*)

…And a TON more info, SEE BELOW.


“I just wanted to thank you for the great information you have provided me with…I have been using your guide now for about 3 weeks now, and have already noticed a tremendous change in my body fat and with my energy levels. I have always carried my extra weight in my stomach and now it is almost gone. Anyhow, again thanks, I am no longer tired all the time, and my pants don’t reveal my butt crack any more when I bend over…lol…”

Robert Bivens                  Gastonia, NC


“I truly believe you have the best program out there.”

Barbra Clark                      Alberta, Canada


My system now comes with TWO E-Books: The primary E-Book, and the NEW Quick Start Guide.


-My own proprietary fasting protocol that combines detoxification with parasite removal (no other “Master Cleanse” style fast uses my uniquely powerful method).

-My alternative fasting/cleansing methods based on green juicing/smoothing.

-Blood sugar levels creating unhealthy hormonal reactions and fat storage. 

-Food addictions people aren’t even aware of and how they make us FAT.

-So-called “healthy” foods that are creating an obesity epidemic (are ALL grains truly healthy for EVERYONE?!?).

-Carbs: How the glycemic index can be misleading.

-My “Diet Cycling” technique.  My own version of the 80/10/10 and how I cycle it into my lifestyle for cleansing, for sugar and sweets, and for maintenance.

-How/Why cardio/aerobics can and do make people fat.  Hint: They’re WAY over-doing it.  Outdated, silly, “kill yourself kardio” is a waste of time and entirely counter-productive.

-How 100% of overweight people have a pathogen issue of one kind or another in their bodies, how it contributes to weight/fat gain and the inability to chisel the abs, and how/why managing it is the healthiest way to approach it.

-Corporate interests that profit by creating food addictions and excess body fat (without understanding this, the western diet, now in every part of the world, will continue to make you fat and sick).

-GMO’s and Hybrid wheat issue.  If you think these notions are all bunk, you’re deluding yourself (sorry!).  The stats and evidence is right in front of our eyes.

-The vital importance of immune system health for fat loss.

-My long-covered topic that ties into the immune system that the mainstream is FINALLY understanding may be the missing link, “the” crucial factor in individual fat loss.  (Hint: Think “immune response to foods”).

-The ultra-healthy foods that area actually causing a great many people pain syndromes

-Maintaining with organic foods…and the new line of certification of foods that may turn out to be even BETTER.

-Powerful self-help tools that overcome emotional eating habits, assist greatly with motivation, and help you foster an increasingly positive attitude. (VITAL!)

-Individualized approaches that help you with your *specific* weight/fat issues. 

-The exploration of local raw food eating; what nature provides for free.

-Why fat loss and fat burning pills are NOT the answer.


-The nature of chronic conditions and how these conditions may be keeping you fat (isn’t obesity a “chronic condition?”)

-One in Two of us is getting CANCER.  One in Two of us is getting FAT.  COINCIDENCE?!?

-How my intense need to find answers to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease, Candida overgrowth and Lyme led to permanent fat elimination (doctor’s records verify my permanent weight loss since 2005).

-Inflammation: Bang your elbow, and your elbow swells; common sense says excess fat seems to make a person look “swollen”…the hidden tie-in and what to do about it.

-Avoiding Calorie/Carb counting.

-Hidden sugars, a MAJOR problem in the beginning stages of real fat loss.

-The proof that pathogens, such as virus and fungal conditions, CAN contribute to weight gain, excessive fat and the inability to lose “that last ten pounds”…and what to DO about it to eliminate the possibility.  (This controversial theory is now being supported in late 2010 by respected alternative doctors, a concept I have been teaching for years as a portion of my overall program)…

-…and how candida/yeast, an established hidden fat and disease producer, is being reduced and/or defeated with alternative remedies your doctor knows nothing about, and that I use every day (more powerful and *yet* FAR safer than any prescription I know of).

-How and why most foods in the western diet HAVE to make you fat, by default.

-The New-Life, New-Living Mind Set.

-How most people with excessive fat actually ARE in a pre-diabetic condition without recognizing it…and how you can COMPLETELY REVERSE this, even though the medical profession will insist there is “no cure.”

-Colon health to keep nutrients absorbed (enabling you to eat less to obtain more nutrition) and to reduce intestinal build-up that may be contributing to a protruding belly, leaky gut, and other issues.  I have a daily focus on what my colon needs to contend with, and I adjust my diet accordingly.

-How to ensure you will feel “full” AND satisfied when eating healthy foods; re-learning how to eat PROPERLY.

-How starving yourself is NOT the answer to fat-loss, and is actually ENTIRELY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

-How to naturally lower your stomach’s capacity.

-Renewing  your taste buds to enjoy the taste of healthy foods.  I truly enjoy eating healthy, where I used to eat almost nothing BUT processed foods as a way of life.  I actually crave “W.O.L.F.”…Whole Organic Living Food.  You can too!!!

-How to lose your taste for junk food (and tricks I use to negate bad carb cravings).

-How and why consuming certain fats is a MUST for FAT LOSS and overall superior health.

-How, why, and when to actually EAT sugary foods so that it BENEFITS you (YES, there is a time when healthy “cheating” is not only encouraged, but NECESSARY to obtain…and MAINTAIN…your goals!)

-The latest so-called “healthy, natural sweetener” that comes from a plant that unfortunately, is not conducive to fat loss (covered in my Quick Start Guide).

-The latest in truly effective exercise to produce much faster results (hint: the days of hour-long cardio are OVER, and what I offer is EVEN BETTER THAN HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING).  A video demo for beginners that will seriously knock the crap outta fat, and is easier than you think.

-By client request, I now include my own personal workout routine IN FULL in the workout portion of sub chapters and video.


-Entire revision of my e-book and almost all new video content completed making it easier to understand and follow, great new added techniques to the Style 2 approach, and several brand new videos just added with the latest in cutting-edge diet and workout technologies and tactics.  NOTHING taken away from the program, and NOTHING changing about the quality of content.  The only thing that has changed is that it now COSTS NOTHING and there is no email support with the free program (paid versions are available with email support).

-…And all the information you will need to give you LIFELONG (NOT temporary) fat loss, energy, and health!