Science now understands exactly what causes SPECIFICALLY, people to have so much difficulty with getting the washboard abs.

This boils down to the pre-diabetic type-two condition, the excessive blood sugars and concurrent insulin issues.

It was long assumed that this was the primary cause of almost ALL over-fat conditions.  Enter the Atkins-style diet, as a remarkable solution that has done wonders for so many in chiseling down those abs.

The problem?

The difficulty in maintaining the Atkins-style diet.

It’s been around a long time now, and most understand it as the low-carb route to fat loss.  The problem, as always, is that it can be SOOO difficult to maintain it for more than a short time.  People tend to go pretty friggin’ NUTS once they’ve gone without carbs for a certain amount of time.

I have worked around many folks in the fitness industry.  Lots of professional competitors and I personally know a judge in one of the well-known, internationally recognized leagues for pro bikini, figure, fitness, physique and bodybuilding arenas.  I’ve worked with trainers as we have fine-tuned competitors own individual diets and fitness routines in their efforts to compete.

I have also watched competing coaches almost completely ruin their student’s biology, as they attempted to exploit these low-carb diets to the max in their attempt to achieve that paper-thin skin with muscle striations we see so many of the competitors achieve.

One competitor even lost her ability to compete ever again, thanks to exhausted adrenal glands that wreaked havoc on her body.  She will never compete again, and she was in her mid-20’s when it happened.

The great news is, there are solutions that are far less intense and far more friendly to the body to accomplish very similar results.  Having body fat levels as low as that described is of course unhealthy, and should never be, and is never maintained by these folks who compete for a living.  The body wants and needs a certain level of body fat for survival purposes, including many functions that lend themselves directly to great overall health.

So with the proper balance, we can all achieve results that we can be more than happy with.  Use myself as an example.  You’ve seen the videos of my physique demonstrated for you year after year, and on a regular basis of at least ever quarter, sometimes even more often.  I can obtain an even more ripped look if I put the effort in.  But the effort I put in right now for my abs is very minimal…and I like that.  I do not want to be spending an extra 20 minutes at the gym or at home to get more ripped abs, when I can maintain what you see in my videos with far less efforts, and still look really decent.

So, much of what you’ll find on this site and in my program will revolve around the ab fat issue specifically, and how to help ourselves self-regulate blood sugar levels, so that our sugar/insulin relationship is balanced, and most importantly, understood, so that we can self-guide ourselves and our results.  Believe it or not, dietary fat comes into play as well, which I use as part of my “diet cycling” method that is also fully described in my Over 40 program, (which you’ll have access to as a member of my community).