No More Patience for Complainers, sorry…Just Not Worth My Energy or Time

I had to do an article on this topic.  I have been online with my story for many years now, I have a general grasp of what the online community is like, and I needed to get this off my non-hairy chest and verbally slap (on the back of their hand) a certain percentage of my audience:

(Fortunately, a very tiny percentage of the audience, but an annoying one none-the-less):

If you can’t tolerate a tiny bit of swearing, or can’t spot some cheeky humor, or can’t tolerate being introduced to awesome products that will likely improve the quality of your life that gosh darn it, “YES,” you will have to pay for to actually acquire…


I simply do not have the patience or tolerance for you, and I’m not going to tip-toe for you in order to help me make a living like SO many other online-ers do.  It’s simply not worth my time or energy.  Especially considering what you’re paying, or NOT paying, for my programs (both being either free or under a mere funking FIVE dollars).


I swear SO very rarely.  In comparison to another few online folks with mouths like drunken pirates, I swear 1% as often as they do, and it’s always with a purpose and point, be it humor or to emphasize something important.

If you can’t handle that, or my fun use of the word “FUNK” to replace the other word (which you will never see in my materials) then take your proper little disposition elsewhere.  My minor excursions into mild cursing may make you lightheaded, and based on my background, I probably deserve a prize for having improved my vocabulary as much as I have.

Humor: It’s dry and not always noticeable.  That’s just how I roll.  In my actual learning materials humor is not common, but it will pop up from time to time and likely be understood by all parties.  People CAN be humorous and informative at the same time, and I am not one to separate the two.  And I will go insane if I can’t have some fun from time to time with what is becoming a life-long project here for me.

PRODUCTS: As a new strategy, we often sell the FacelessFatloss program for nothing.  In other words, we don’t “sell” it at all, because it is often offered for FREE.  This is new for us and has obviously hit our bottom line.  The Over 40 and Ripped program has also been under a mere $5.00 as of late.  (That’s FIVE DOLLARS).  We are trying to expand our reach, help as many people as possible, and push out all those $97 fat loss programs that don’t even compare to ours in quality.

So, if you can’t tolerate being exposed to products and services that you actually WANT to buy and use within each program, so that we can support ourselves, DO NOT OPT IN.  Considering what I offer my two programs for, I will have zero tolerance for people whining about being exposed to the products I actually use.  Currently we offer many of the supplements that I use daily (we offer ONLY products I and my partners actually USE and have benefited from) AND, along with that, we offer an incredible discount search engine and coupons for all of your Amazon shopping.  You can use the engine for whatever you want to buy on Amazon to save money there.  In other words, it’s an offer that everyone who shops at Amazon would WANT to have access to.  As well as up-to-the-minute Amazon coupons at the bottom of each of our program’s pages.  Everyone loves coupons and saving money, and everyone loves Amazon.

In other words: WE DO NOT OFFER JUNK.  We give you only a very few promotions, and they’re ALL things we believe you would WANT to have access to.  And in buying the products or using the Amazon engine or coupons, you help support us while getting things you wanted to have anyway (win-win, no?!?)

(For the record, we’ve actually had people tell us they would’ve opted into either program SOLELY for the access to the Amazon engine and coupons, they’ve been THAT valuable to them in their lives!)

So if being exposed to a little advertising is too much for you, and you believe everything should always be free online and you should never have to pay for anything to both help yourself and help support someone else’s work and efforts…



I’ve had only a mere ONE person in THREE HUNDRED opt-out of the program complaining about either my humor, my vocabulary or the products offered, but it was just enough to be annoying and something I don’t want to hear about ever again.  I’d rather not have them be a part of the program at all, because we are not on the same page to begin with.

SO!  If you’re a part of the 99%-plus of reasonable people out there, join on and get yourself healthy and fit for the long term at a price (FREE or under $5) that not a ONE of our competitors can match.  And with a program that we feel…actually we KNOW…is WAY BETTER THAN THEIRS (read our testimonials!).

(…stops shouting, straightens tie, bows, exists stage left)