I have been called outright “Unprofessional”…

(Little do they realize I take it as a compliment)

There IS humor in a LOT of my online promotional videos and comments…

But my program itself is serious, with only minimal humor, designed to show you what I’ve done to get my body and superior state of health.

People have learned over the years of watching me online that I present a good deal of great information based on extensive research and personal experience.

An unwanted side effect of my efforts has been that I have not been able to be as much “Me,” as I’d like to be, in the presentation of what I have to offer.

I grew to a point after five years of just not being able to take it any more.  My online presence has always had some elements of humor in it here and there, but there came a point where I *REALLY* needed to have more fun or I was just going to go insane.

All work and no play makes Tim a dull boy.

So I HAVE been adding more of the humor element to my online presence.  I wanted to include a lot more of it in my program as well, but overwhelmingly I did not, simply because I needed to focus on getting the information across as efficiently and productively as possible.  Where I did insert some minor humor, I believe it is entirely obvious and if anything adds to the quality of the program.

But for the rest of my promotions, I am including more and more humor in, because I just gotta have more fun or I’ll go nuts with this stuff.  I cannot just simply share information over and over and over again, like the 10th grade teacher with classes that unintentionally guide you into a soft white cardboard zombie baby-food delta brain pattern.  I’ve been doing that for a very long time as-is, and I NEED to break it up more than ever now and just have more fun with things.  I NEED to enjoy this whole process more than I have been.  And the feedback from my humor efforts seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

So I am on both counts; adding more humor AND enjoying the process more.

My humor is very often quite dry.  My favorite kind of humor anyway.  Sometimes my humor is obvious, but more often than not, it is NOT obvious.  And because I am a conveyor of information, I discovered a lot of people were not “getting” my humor, because they assumed I was in convey-information-only-mode, and missed the fun part of what I had to offer.

So if ever anything seems a little “off” about my info or presentation…there is a good chance…a STRONG chance…that indeed it is OFF, and is off on purpose.  It’s my way of having fun and enjoying this process more.

You may enjoy this.

Or you may not.

Some people think it’s “unprofessional” for a “fat loss and health expert researcher” to be goofing off.

But I just don’t care.


But I will often include quality information with the presentation regardless so that something of value is learned at the same time, but I may also just plain not, preferring to just goof off instead.

It is my hope that people will enjoy my sense of humor, and yet still benefit from the information I provide.

In that regard, I will go lengths in my silly stuff to be as subtly ridiculous as possible, so that my intentions are clear: Goofy will be recognized as a goof when he is goofing off.

…and if you’re not sure…


It’s good for you.